Activity was held for production workers


To thank production workers for their hard working, and at the same time help them to be aware of the importance of team work, an activity was held on our playground on 14th June, 2019, where there were interesting games for worker to play.

A raffle was set at the end of the activity for the ones who passed all of the games.


Game 1: Jump to the finish line with legs in a bag 


Game 2: Shoot from the particular position until the ball falls into the basket for 3 times (for male) or twice (for female)


Game 3: Hold the table tennis ball with a bat, and transfer the ball to a basket which is 10 meters away, without touching the ball. If the ball falls down from the bat, participant must start over, until 10 balls are successfully transferred to the basket.


Game 4: Throw darts to the plate, the closer the darts get to the heart, the more points participants get. Every dart scores from 0 to 10, participants pass the game when they get 10 points in total.


Game 5: Blow a table tennis ball in a bowl filled with water to make it jump to the next bowl, participants pass the game when the ball pass through 6 bowls in total.


Game 6: Two people hold a balloon with their backs, move from the starting line to the finish line and move back. If the ball falls, participants must start over.


Game 7: 10 pipes to be hold by 10 participants, to make a pass way for table tennis balls. Participants pass the game when 5 balls successfully roll from the beginning to the end of the 10 pipes, without touching the balls by hand.


Game 7: Participants throw table tennis balls to their partners’ baskets who are standing 4 meters away. They can pass the game when 10 balls are successfully thrown into the basket.


Game 9: 10 participants standing in a circular sheet, roll the sheet and move forward and turn around together with their feet always on the sheet, for a total distance of 30 meters.

Post time: Jun-14-2019