{commercial display}Do you know E-Board ?

With the development of technology, more and more functions have come true.Today I will introduce the E-board for you.

High-accuracy touch recognition
A single touch of minimum 2 mm can be identified
One point to write
Two point to zoom
Clean up by the back of hands
Drag as you wish
Capture the moment of inspiration


Multiple color
A variety of plane and solid figure
Freely construct pattern
Insert pictures
Support changing the whiteboard background
It has everything you want



Record meeting content in detail
Scan code to save and share
Support mail sending

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The function of E-board.It plays an important role in teaching, medical treatment, and meeting.

Convenient is the first choice for office workers,whiteboard function can provide you convenient and efficient office mode
With more personalized and stronger sense of experience、higher sense of participation





Post time: Sep-05-2020