E-blackboard–The choice of smart classroom


Supporting 10-finger touch with extremely high accuracy.

Making with Nano touch technology and Nano tempered glass,which can

be anti-glare, waterproof, anti-smashing, explosion-proof.

Protecting the students physical and mental health,E-blackboard become

the most popular teaching equipment in smart classroom.


E-blackboard is fully functional,

integrates audio, projector, whiteboard writing, video playback, computer all in one.

It combines the traditional blackboard and multi-touch panel together,

and establish an intelligent education system well.


Low-carbon environmental protection, dust-free teaching.

Full screen can be written on by water pen and chalk.

It reduce dust in the classroom and create a healthy teaching environment.


With the coming of human-computer interaction,

teachers can make accurate drawings and simulate practical operations in the E-blackboard.

At the same time,

he can stimulate students’ interest in learning and concentrate on listening.

So it creates a strong learning atmosphere very well.


Looking forward to E-blackboards in more educational places,

and give children a better learning environment and atmosphere.

Post time: Dec-31-2020