Ensure the safety of our employees against coronavirus

Since the new coronavirus raging in China, the government, all companies, all organizations, and all individuals are taking action to prevent the epidemic from spreading.


Although our factory is not in the core area – Wuhan, we still take the situation seriously. After extending the new year holiday till 10th Feb, we purchased a large number of medical masks, disinfectants, infrared scale thermometers, etc.



Starting from 10th Feb, when our employees get back to work, everyone needs to be taken temperature before entering our company, and every employee’s temperature has to be taken twice a day and has to be recorded on file.

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In addition, numerous rules are imposed on the whole company. Stay at least 1 meter away from each other, keep face masks on in work, and do not talk when the face mask is off



According to the WHO’s information, the packages from China will not carry the coronavirus, and we will keep providing you with the best quality and service as always.


We hereby thank all of our customers and friends who concerned about our situation. We are taking all the efforts and believing that we will get through it.

Post time: Feb-13-2020