The road to smart cities

Q: What is smart cities? A: Depending on The Internet of Things and smart machines to built the urban information in an all-round way . And to realize intelligent information of people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, etc. 1.1 In the field of advertising machines Continue to help smart malls and smart government affairs At the mall Touch advertising machine with a new face Show customers a full range of products 3.3 In the field of conference machines Continue to help smart office In the meeting room of the office building Gradually replaced projectors and other equipment Equipped with audio, projector, whiteboard, video and other function 4.4   In the field of large-screen Continue to help show wisdom, wisdom security Various splicing and combination of LCD splicing screen Provide a higher definition display for the security system Bring more surprises to smart cities Also improved the level of urban digitization Leave an indelible mark on the way of boosting smart city 2.2 Under the vision of a smart city Rely on advanced information technology Realize smart city management and operation This will create a better life for us Promote the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city

Post time: Oct-07-2020