What can smart touch panels do in education

Writing board

Up to ten people can conveniently write by fingers or touch pen simultaneously, with different colours and line thicknesses to be chosen. No more dust coming from chalks, no more consumables needed.




Multimedia teaching

Smart touch panels support different types of files, such as jpg, png, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, mp3, mp4, mov, etc. With 2 build-in speakers, teaching materials in local storage or USB drives can be used directly, and they can also be sent from smart phones to smart touch panels by using an application.

By using screen mirroring function, whatever in PC can be shown to the whole class, and teachers can operate the connected PC by touching the smart touch panel.



With an Open Pluggable Specification module, smart touch panels can quickly switch to Windows system and become a touchable computer, without any external device needed.





Noting function can be used in anytime and anywhere, so teachers are able to explain things by writing or marking, even when videos are being played and documents are being shown, and the original file would not be changed by the note.





When the class is having a speech or competition, timer function would be useful for time limitation.




And more

To satisfy different needs, relevant applications can be installed in smart touch panels.


For more details, please check here.

Post time: Nov-22-2019